Meet Our Team

Core Values

sNRL's philosophy is to march to the beat of a different drummer by creating solutions through revolutionary technological innovation and strategic collaborations. We want to be phenomenal and significant to those we serve and to those who ultimately experience the benefits of what we do.

Scientific accuracy and precision are important to sNRL. Using this accuracy and precision, we take what is complex and make it simple for everyone to use, providing illumination and the hidden reality of information.

Continuous learning, thinking, and creativity are important to our mission and development. sNRL supports careers in STEM and STEAM, encourages scientific literacy and progress, and embraces the limitlessness of the imagination to dream and be inspired by the awe that exists all around us in this universe.

sNRL treats all persons—including employees, customers, and partners—with respect and integrity by practicing transparency, inclusion, and social responsibility.

sNRL wants to create a work environment that fosters full participation, diversity of thought and open discussion, and a bias towards action.

The Science of Noise

sNoise®, a registered trademark of the sNoise Research Laboratory, allows all analog system equations to become digital without the loss of resolution to achieve exact solutions rather than approximations in digital systems. Find out how we use it.