A fractional scaling digital signal processing SDK, API, chipset integration, user-interface, and licensing platform utilizing sNRL's patented advanced mathematical algorithms based on fractional calculus further enhanced through and For deep learning and AI to filter, model, reconstruct, and synthesize digital signals from a variety of data measurements and sources such as audio, radio, video, industrial Sensors, SONAR, RADAR, and medical sensors.

Algorithm Search Engine:

Currently, one cannot just "Google" an algorithm for quick implementation. The sNRLTECH codebase provides a search engine for standardized algorithms and fractional order control system applications. Essentially, the API and SDK provide plug and play capability for sensors to use advanced digital signal processing combined with AI for rapid incorporation into prototypes and licensing of any proprietary algorithms.  Although focused on Fractional Calculus and AI, the API and SDK may become a searchable database of proprietary algorithms. Scientists may add their own proprietary data or algorithms to the database and share in licensing fees as well creating a Clearinghouse for Algorithmic-based Tech. This would also create a market for algorithms at Universities that otherwise go unlicensed making them more accessible.

Write Once...
Run Anywhere:

Once patented fractional calculus algorithms combined with AI are integrated into an API and SDK, sNRL's codebase may be deployed to run on many types of datasets or deployed via multiple types of microcontrollers or chipsets. Additionally, sNRL will be rolling out new applications as fields of use are identified, focusing on front-end/back-end design and maintenance within each specific field of use to ensure compatibility. sNRL anticipates that with feedback from our customers, additional feature sets, analysis, and use cases will continuously be developed and included in our data analytics pipeline. 

sNRL SDK, API, and FSDSP Chipset with Integrated AI

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Cloud-based Fractional Calculus AI
  • Data Server and FSDSP Processor
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • The "ChatGPT" of Signal Processing

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Embedded Products
  • Edge Computing 
  • Microcontrollers
  • FSDSP Chipsets
  • FC-AI Core Mathematics Engine

Fractional Scaling Digital Signal Processing (FSDSP) Chip/Microcontroller 

  • Incorporates FSDSP/Fractional Calculus 
  • May be programmed through SDK 
  • May interface with API
  • Signal Processing Testbed
Licensing Vehicle

sNRLTECH provides a Vehicle to License patented FSDSP technology enhanced with AI to a variety of industries and for use embedded in products automatically setting up licenses and billing according to use

Metrics to Scale

Provides metrics of use and scaling so that licenses may be monitored and appropriately priced per data processed, field of use, and/or embedded product or FSDSP microcontroller or FSDSP Chipset

Lowers Bar of Entry

sNRL's API/SDK, containing our FSDSP Core Mathematics/AI Engine and Toolkits, lowers the bar of entry for anyone to use the power of fractional calculus combined with AI from the student to the advanced signals processing engineer, mathematician, or scientist (e.g., data equalizer)

Dedicated User Community

Potential to also create dedicated user-based community in which scientists, engineers, and programmers may develop add-ons, specific front-ends for abstract data sets, or share data and settings driving engagement and licensing of sNRL technology

"​Using the right software, one system (the mind) can be mapped onto the other (the computer)."

~​​​George Johnson~
American Science Writer
Machinery of the Mind: Inside the New Science of Artificial Intelligence -1986