The Institute of 
Fractional Calculus 
and Artificial Intelligence

sNRL's R&D Think Tank and Educational Institute

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sNRL is actively seeking funding to build the Institute.
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The TIME is NOW:
Emerging Fields in Frontier Science:

Fractional Calculus is emerging as a significant field of mathematics while Artificial Intelligence is experiencing exponential growth, both of which have profound applications in all related fields of science and engineering. Only recently in the past 15 years have researchers and academics really begun to explore Fractional Calculus as an applied discipline, as advancements in computer processing power and sensor technologies have made possible the handling of the breadth of calculations which had previously precluded any serious application of the subject.

Advances in Processors have
Opened the Door to Breakthrough Innovation:

Likewise, these same advances in computer processing power have led to an explosion in Artificial Intelligence technologies, with new discoveries occurring on an almost daily basis.  Still, while AI is thought of as the next frontier, AI is still in its early stages of development. Furthermore, dedicated research and development of Fractional Calculus currently exists only in a few rarefied universities and laboratories.  In order to push the envelope of Frontier Science, AI must be given access to the power, accuracy, robustness, and efficiency of fractional calculus.

Integration of Fractional Calculus
Into Deep Learning and AI Algorithms:

Our goal is to make Fractional Calculus and AI transformational and readily available to academia, science, businesses, government, and industry. As such, rather than each individual researcher hard coding their own algorithms, fractional calculus AI algorithms must be consolidated and placed in a form of code-based libraries, in a variety of forms and fields of use, to serve as building blocks to easily incorporate these algorithms into modern technologies and data analytics. To do this correctly, these technologies need to be consolidated under one roof.

Personnel of the R&D lab of sNRL form a core group to serve as a basis to establish a "first-of-its-kind" Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence.

A crucial step for the future is to consolidate the groundbreaking work we have done to push the development and adoption of the power of Fractional Calculus and integrate this expansive mathematics into deep learning and AI to spawn the next scientific revolution.

We propose to establish a first of its kind Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence which would serve as a think tank and interdisciplinary research laboratory of scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, doctors, and students. We expect the Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence to become a leader in the development of the foundational mathematics and algorithms of Fractional Calculus and AI in multiple fields of science and engineering including aerospace, automotive, robotics, energy, and medicine to achieve breakthrough technological advancements with beyond state-of-the-art performance.

Together, with your financial support, mentorship, and partnership, we can serve as the cornerstone for the foundation of the Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence - something the world has never seen before - and lead the way bringing Fractional Calculus and AI to the forefront of this next frontier of science and mathematics, laying the foundation for future technologies to level up humanity. We believe that the establishment of the Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence will become a Bifurcation Event in the history of science and mathematics as humanity embarks on a new trajectory of knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

The Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence will develop educational materials for Fractional Calculus and AI and serve as a vehicle to push these fields forward in Science, Industry, and Academia.

Core functions of the Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence include:

  • Develop Fractional Calculus (FC) toolbox libraries tailored for machine-learning and deep-learning applications merging Artificial Intelligence with the advanced digital signal processing capabilities of fractional calculus across a variety of fields-of-use within current and future technologies
  • To perform educational outreach, host visiting scholars and scientists, and develop seminars, courses, and educational materials such as textbooks to teach fractional calculus since the mathematics of FC is currently not taught in schools or universities unless part of a specialized curriculum and to educate on the science and promise that deep learning and AI hold for the future.
  • To perform basic and advanced research for the continued development of the fields of fractional calculus mathematics and artificial intelligence, their applications, and integration of FC into AI/DL and future technologies such as quantum computers and oscillator-based computers (OBCs)
  • To serve as a Clearinghouse for establishing the foundational mathematics and algorithms of Fractional Calculus and their implementation into AI algorithms across a variety of fields of use and scientific disciplines
  • To work with universities, laboratories, industry, and governmental agencies collaborating on research projects and technological development to propel the fields of FC and AI forward
The Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence expands the Research and Development capabilities of sNRL 

The Institute in conjunction with sNRL would also serve to:

  • Research and identify legacy technology upgrades and new-use cases to add to the knowledge-base of fractional calculus applications and explore enhancement by AI
  • Assist sNRL in practical implementation of identified upgrades and FC-AI applications
  • Create a repository of FC and AI algorithms and a platform for easy integration of algorithm libraries developed at the institute for licensing by sNRL through sNRLTECH
  • Guide development of Licensable Software Development Kits (FSDSP SDK), API, and FSDSP Chipsets that use FC-AI to be geared towards specific types of data sets, fields-of-use, or applications and provide a laboratory test bed for these SDK, API, and Chipsets
  • Provide a vehicle for joint development agreements with scientists, companies, industries, or governmental organizations or agencies that wish to utilize our FC-AI technology

sNRL then may also further serve to fund, protect, patent, license, and commercialize technologies developed by the Institute of Fractional Calculus and Artificial Intelligence which provide both sNRL and the inventor protection and a pathway to market for one’s work.

"...the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."

~​​​Sir Isaac Newton~